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Atlantic 2 Berenice fund

Fund with private contribution ATLANTIC 2 was created in 2005 with the name of “Berenice- Fondo Uffici” managing properties in the third sector, mainly officces.

Since July 2008, as the managing company changed, it was called "Atlantic 2 - Berenice - Fondo Comune di Investimento immobiliare di tipo chiuso".

                                                                 DE-LISTED FROM 27th december 2018

Type Closed-end real estate private contribution fund with profit distribution, for both individual and institutional investors
Placement From June 19 to July 26, 2005
Initial Equity € 300,000,000
Number of units 600,003
Placement Price € 500
Duration The expiry is set, except for cases of early payment and extension described at paragraph 2.A of the Regulations, for 31 July 2015 (10 years)